Sober Advice: Organising Parties To RememberSober Advice: Organising Parties To Remember

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Sober Advice: Organising Parties To Remember

I am a chef who was once ingloriously eliminated in the second round of a reality TV cooking show! Fortunately, since that setback, I have found my niche in life. My friends started to get married, and I fell into the habit of organising lots of bucks and hens nights. I was more interested in providing good food and a fun time that everyone would remember rather than drunken chaos. Gradually, my reputation spread and I set up my own pre-wedding party business. As many of my customers became older, they wanted wedding receptions, baptism parties and even a divorce party! My repertoire definitely expanded! So many people who are planning a party don't know where to start. I hope this blog is packed with ideas that inspire and motivate you to choose something less pedestrian and seek out the expertise that is available.

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